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Backlinks For Chiropractic Websites?

March 14, 2014

Backlinks For Chiropractic Websites? If you own a chiropractic website today then I’m sure you’ve wondered what it takes to have a top Google rank in your city? There must be some formula to it right? In this blog post I’m going to talk about the topic of backlinks and how you can use them…

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Do You Need Chiropractic Marketing Ideas?

March 5, 2014

Do You Need Chiropractic Marketing Ideas? It’s that time of the year when everyone is looking for new chiropractic marketing ideas.  November and December are typically slow months for most clinics and it’s also the time of year where we business owners have a bit more free time. In our chiropractic practice we averaged 80…

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Chiropractic Website Companies – How To Choose?

March 3, 2014

Chiropractic Website Companies – How To Choose? Be careful about which chiropractic website company you choose to do business with. Anyone can say that they are the best at something, but the problem is “best” is a relative word. Do I feel like Inception Marketing is the best chiropractic website company out there? Of course…

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Chiropractic Website Builders

March 1, 2014

Chiropractic Website Builders If you have decided to build your chiropractic website using a website building program, be careful. There is a fine line between a great preforming website and a chiropractic website that just looks good. I personally feel website builders are great for personal or even club/organization websites.  My 13 year old son…

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The Best Online Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

February 27, 2014

The Best Online Chiropractic Marketing Strategy Online chiropractic marketing is an essential piece of any chiropractic business today.  It has multiple moving pieces and it tends to be more than most offices can handle on their own.  At Inception Chiropractic Websites we know that our clients make a financial gain by investing in us, but…

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