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The Best Chiropractic Website

best chiropractic website produce

The Best Chiropractic Website BY: DR. MIKE HAMILTON INCEPTION CHIROPRACTIC WEBSITES Most chiropractors I know want the best chiropractic website, but what does that mean?  How do you know if your website is the best?  Is it just your opinion or are there other factors that you should be looking at? Over the last six…

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SSL Certificates for Chiropractors?

ssl certificate chiropractic website

SSL Certificates for Chiropractors? BY: JOHN OWENS INCEPTION CHIROPRACTIC WEBSITES There’s a good chance you have received a phone call or email trying to scare you about having a chiropractic SSL certificate for your website. The salesmen probably made you feel as though your website will fall off the internet and the world will end…

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Chiropractic Website Analytics?

Chiropractic Website Analytics

Chiropractic Website Analytics? As one of the owners of Inception Chiropractic Websites I get a lot of questions about analytics.  Clients are regularly asking me to see their statistics there, but is this information really useful?  Does it help a small chiropractic office to look at this complex data? I’ll tell you that I was…

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Are You Under Paying For Your Chiropractic Website?

Are You Underpaying for Your Website

Are You Under Paying For Your Chiropractic Website? We’re all looking for a deal right?  We want to get the lowest price we can on everything, but is the lowest cost chiropractic website the best for your practice?  You’re probably going to assume that I’m going to say no, but don’t be so sure.  For…

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Award Winning Chiropractic Websites – 2015

Award Winning Chiropractic Websites

Award Winning Chiropractic Websites – 2015 If you ask me what an award winning chiropractic website should be, it should be a website that generates new patients.  The world of chiropractic internet marketing is a competitive one.  There are dozens of companies coming up with pretty designs, but how many of them actually produce? As…

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Do You Need A Chiropractic Website?

Do You Need A Chiropractic Website? There’s a pretty consistent trend in 2015.  A trend that shows me that there are a lot of struggling chiropractors.  Offices that are having trouble getting enough money into their office each month to enjoy their normal lifestyle or even to keep their doors open. What I see coming…

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