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Best Chiropractic Websites 2019

At Inception we focus on building chiropractic websites that are simple.  We've spent years looking at what patients do when they visit websites, and the results are surprising.  Each of our designs is geared towards quickly providing the information that a patient is looking for.

Don't Forget About Google

As much as simplicity matters you also have to please Google.  Patients are not going to read all the pages of text on your website but Google will.  If you don't have any text you're going to have a tough time ranking well.

Here is a list some of the best chiropractic website design ideas and samples that you can get inspiration from when you launch your own website:

Top 10 Chiropractic Websites - 2019 List

Overview of Kraft Chiropractic Design

Pictures are critical when it comes to effective chiropractic website design.  Dr. Kraft did an outstanding job providing the kind of pictures we need to make a website pop.  New patients want to see your picture.  They want to know that they are going to feel comfortable with you.  It's important to resist the temptation to food your website with services.  As business owners we all want to share our services, but let patients get to know you first.  Our team can help you put for best foot forward.

Success online is about balance.  You have to please new patients while also pleasing Google.  Too much of one or the other will leave you wondering why your website isn't working.  If you're a chiropractor in Warren, MI you'll have a tough time beating the kind of feel that Dr. Kraft if presenting here.

Overview of Interactive Health Design

The design of the Interactive Health website contains all the things a new patient needs to see.  They have all the following in place:

  • A great picture to show who they are
  • A clear call to action
  • Lots of social proof

Most chiropractic websites today are pretty generic.  They are filled with canned pictures instead of actual pictures of the doctors and the business.

Ask yourself this question...would you select a provider that's showing you a handful of stock images or a provider that shows you who they are?  The answer is pretty clear, and it's one of the reasons our clients at Inception have done so well over the last 7 years.

Start thinking about what you would need to see if you were a patient instead of what you want to tell them.  Are you interested in what a dentist would want to tell you, or are you more interested in who they are?  When you look at the website of Interactive Health you immediately understand that they are a professional group of people that look friendly and caring.  That feeling generated from their outstanding picture is 100x more important than a list of the services they provide.

Overview of Well Within Chiropractic Design

The Well Within Chiropractic website design immediately shows you what the office looks like and who the doctor is.  The kind and caring pictures let you know as a patient that you are in safe and competent hands.

It's interesting when I survey people about chiropractic.  The majority of the public thinks that there is one kind of chiropractic.  They believe that every chiropractor is doing the same thing so their goal is to pick the one that looks like a good fit for them.

They have no idea that every chiropractic office is a bit different.  Yes, they should be looking at services, technique, and where you went to school, but they don't know that they need to do that.  Their lack of understanding causes them to look at your pictures to make their decision.   It's unfortunate that the public doesn't understand more about chiropractic, but it makes it simple to create a winning website.

Provide us with great pictures and you'll be far ahead of the curve in your city.  Stick with the normal canned pictures and you'll be lost in the pack.

Overview of Life Touch Chiropractic Care Design

The Life Touch website design has all the essential elements for success, but it also has a video background.  Few websites today have video backgrounds, but it can be a way to escape having to take high quality professional photos.

We love the look and feel of this design, and it has been received well by new patients.   It has all the information that a patient might want to read, but it's not all in their face when they land on the homepage.

If you've made it this far you're beginning to notice a recurring theme.  Pictures are very important.  Despite that fact it's alarming to see how many chiropractic websites don't have them.  The companies building them didn't do their homework, and the chiropractors believe it's all about showing services and symptoms.  It's not bad to show those things, but show them who you are first.

Overview of Elev8 Chiropractic Design

The Life Touch website design is one of our personal favorites here at Inception.  The doctors picture is awesome and our graphics team did an outstanding job working colors into the design.  This design knocks it out of the park when it comes to pleasing the patient.

You'll also see the use of a parallax slider in the background.  It gives the website more depth and allows you to show even more pictures to patients.

We have some amazing clients here at Inception.  Doctors that form a partnership with us to improve their online presence.  Stunning website design is a big piece of the puzzle, but our expert chiropractic marketing team covers all the bases for clients.

Overview of Three Notch Chiropractic Design

As we move into 2019 our graphics team is hard at work improving current designs and creating new looks.   The Three Notch Chiropractic design is an example a modification of one of our main designs.  We generally want to see great doctor pictures at the top of the website, but this design looks great without it.

Three Notch Chiropractic had us to quite a bit of customization for them.  Our team is capable of creating anything you need.  We'll also help to guide you.  Sometimes clients want things done that we know won't work for the patient.  Instead of blindly going down that path we help clients learn from our experience.  I know that when my wife and I were still practicing we wanted to work with knowledgeable experts that gave us honest advise.  We didn't have time for hype or newbie's that were guessing with our money.

Overview of Midtown Chiropractic Design

Dr. Carr at Midtown Chiropractic has been generating outstanding numbers of new patients for years.  In the early years of Inception Dr. Carr was one of the first doctors to send us amazing pictures.  Her website has been an example to follow for hundreds of chiropractors in the profession.

To be honest she's due for a free upgrade which we do for all our clients at Inception, but her design has produced so well we are always reluctant to change it.  Rule #1 in marketing is don't change something that is working really well.  Dr. Carr has been the top Memphis chiropractor online for many years.  She's a great example of what you should do online.

Overview of Quigley Chiropractic Design

The Quigley Chiropractic design just works.  For many years it was one of the only designs we offered and it works as well today as it did then.  It works because it quickly provides patients with everything they are looking for.

This is also a great design for doctors that want to rotate the slider at the top to different services they offer.  I wouldn't look at it as a place to put 10 different services, but if you have 1 or 2 important things to show a new client it allows you to do that.

Some companies will try to tell you that you have to have a custom design.  I think that's a waste of money in the chiropractic profession.  What you really want is a design that's tested, and you want to be the only doctor in your area that's using it.  At Inception we limit clients in cities and we never allow doctors in the same city to use the same design.  The get the strength of a well tested design coupled with protection at an incredibly low cost.

Overview of Family Chiropractic Wellness Design

The Family Chiropractic Wellness design was created to have more of a family / pediatric feel.  Any of our designs can be made to have that kind of feel, but this site was created for that purpose.  The doctors pictures are fantastic.  My impression is that families would quickly understand that this is the office for them.

The bold statement at the top of the homepage tells new patients what they specialize in, and there's a clear call to action right next to that.  You want to make it as easy as possible for a new patient to come into your office.  This kind of layout makes that possible.

We're also in the works on a new pediatric chiropractic website design.  I expect that it will be outstanding.

Overview of ReConnect Chiropractic Design

For some offices showcasing services is their primary desire.  The ReConnect Chiropractic design is a great option for any office looking to showcase their services or the symptoms they help.  This is also a great design for any office in the integrative space.

We classify this layout as more of a specialty design.  It's not right for most chiropractic offices, but there are times when it's exactly what's needed.  Talk to our team if you're considering this one.  We'll help you better understand if it's right for you or not.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has given you an idea of what some of the most productive chiropractic website designs are, and I hope that it's given you some insight into how our team at Inception thinks.  It's easy to waste money online.  Better knowledge leads to better decisions.

Dr. Mike Hamilton

Owner Inception Websites

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