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Chiroplanet Review

Chiroplanet Review – By Dr. Mike Hamilton

I rarely review companies, but sometimes the world needs people to speak up. This article is my opinion and I will do my best not to make statements of fact that are really opinions. My honest hope is that this Chiroplanet Review helps the company improve their policies. If and when the policies improve I would be happy to remove the review.

It appears that Chiroplanet was started by a chiropractor named Neil MacKay in 1994. From their website it appears that he at one time was building the websites himself, but I’m not sure of that. In my dealings with Chiroplanet I have only encountered five different people. A receptionist, three worker bees that answer questions, and their supervisor or manager. It’s possible there are other people, but Chiroplanet has been unwilling to share any of their names, emails, or contact information with me.

Why I’m Writing this Chiroplanet Review?

I am one of the owners of Inception Websites. We are one of the largest chiropractic website companies today. Our growth since 2011 has lead to many dealings with the dozens of chiropractic website companies. Many of the clients that join our service come to us from other competitors in the market, and this is normally a very easy transition. Every company in the industry is able to transition a client to us within a day or so unless there is some kind of contract in place. That is not the case with Chiroplanet.

Over the years we have had a good number of Chiroplanet clients move to our service. With few exceptions those transitions have been difficult to say the least. It is common for us to have to reach out to Chiroplanet five or more times over several months in order to get them to take action.

At this point I’ve called to speak with the person that seems to be in charge of Chiroplanet three times. Two times in the last 4 months as I’m writing this in July of 2017. On each of those calls I have been assured that there are no delay tactics in place. I’m basically told that I’m unprofessional for calling, and that they are processing the information.
Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve seen happen over the years with Chiroplanet:

  • If a client comes to us that is still in contract they will not release the website URL or domain. They will point it at us so that the client can use our website as they continue to pay Chiroplanet, but we typically have to ask them 2 or 3 times to make this change. When they make the change it normally happens after we close for the day on Friday. I can only assume this is being done to cause the client to have no website for days as there are settings we have to adjust on our side once they point it site at us. This is my opinion, but it has happened too many times to be a coincidence. The domain or URL is then held until their contract is finished.
  • Once a contract with Chiroplanet is finished the client has to get their domain back. Even though there is no cost to slide the domain over to us, and it literally takes two minutes to do, Chiroplanet will charge the client a fee of normally $50 to get their own personal domain back. I’ve also noticed that Chiroplanet makes no attempt, that I am aware of, to tell the client they owe this money. They just let the domain sit until the client calls them to get it. Meanwhile my company calls them week after week after week being told that they will move it out in the next batch. We are not told that the client has to pay the fee so nothing happens. They keep telling us the wrong info and the client sits oblivious wondering what’s going on. Now that I know they are doing this I will prevent it, but that’s what we dealt with for the last six months.
  • When the client tries to pay this feel the next obstacle comes into play. There is apparently a time when billing happens, but no one can tell you when it is or who does it. They just say that it will be billed in the next batch. After repeated calls we are generally told that we missed the last batch for some reason and it will be in the next one which of course has no set date and there is no billing person that you are allowed to speak with that can give you any information. You can only reach the people I talked about above and they always refer to one guy. That one guy says there are others, but he won’t say who they are and you can’t talk to them.
  • Normally the games go on and on and on until you’re ready to explode. At some point they will release a domain, but it nearly takes an act of war to get your domain back. The more clients they lose the more difficult it has become. As we find ways around their obstacles they find new ways. This again is my opinion, but the fact that I’m taking valuable time out of my schedule to write this says a lot. I’ve never written anything like this about any other website company.

There are dozens of website companies that we deal with each month. No one likes to lose a client, but we all do and most companies are very good about doing the right thing for the client.

The Auto Renewing Chiroplanet Contract

I can’t tell you how many current Chiroplanet clients have called me thinking they were done with their initial contract. What they don’t realize is that in the fine print of the back of the contract it states that it auto renews for 12 month periods of time if you don’t give them certified mail written notice 30 days prior to the end of the current contract period. Almost everyone I talk to is unaware of this information. It is in the contract, but how many of us read all the fine print?

I don’t know of anyone else in the chiropractic industry that has this kind of contract. It is very upsetting to clients when they find out about it from me, and most assume they can call and get out of it. I just had another call from a Chiroplanet client this morning that was fully unaware that they were in a contract like this. They did sign it, but they didn’t think they needed to read all the fine print. I suggest that you read any contract that comes from Chiroplanet very carefully.

In Conclusion

Yesterday I had to again call Chiroplanet personally. My staff had called two times earlier in the day because one of the domains they were holding from a client was allowed to expire. It took a very strong phone call from me to remedy this situation. No other company that I have dealt with in the industry would allow such a thing and it would never take three phone calls to fix.

Chiroplanet will no doubt have a story about how they did everything correctly here, but I own a multimillion dollar website company and it is my very strong opinion that this in not normal function or behavior. Part of our job is to look out for people. People that don’t know what they need to watch out for.

If you have had a similar issue with Chiroplanet I encourage you to contact me. I will be happy to share help you understand how your voice can be heard. The more people that voice their frustrations the easier it will be to improve this situation.