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Chiropractic Website Companies – How To Choose?

Chiropractic Website Companies – How To Choose?

Be careful about which chiropractic website company you choose to do business with. Anyone can say that they are the best at something, but the problem is “best” is a relative word. Do I feel like Inception Marketing is the best chiropractic website company out there? Of course I do, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t feel that way. But you will find that I will never come out and say that in a statement to someone I am talking to. Just like you probably will never tell someone that you are the best chiropractor in the world. The truth is, even if we could prove that we are the “best”, if we then treated you like a total jerk, would being the “best” do you or me any good?

I would strongly advise you to pick a chiropractic website company that you feel comfortable with. Now I hope you pick us. But, if you’re not feeling confident in what we are telling you or you don’t think we can do what we say we can do, I suggest you find someone else to work with. Yes, I just gave you permission not to pick us.  I would much rather you not work with us, than have a bad experience with Inception Marketing. The fact is, we have actually turned chiropractors away because we knew that we would not be a good fit for them.  I’m sure you have had this same feeling with some of your patients too.

I do want to discuss a few things that I feel sets Inception Marketing apart from other chiropractic website companies.

  1. Inception Chiropractic Websites was created and is ran by Chiropractors. We are not just some website company that pulls “chiropractors” out of a hat and says “let’s see if we can sell websites to them”. We were so tired of getting taken advantage of by other companies, we started our own.
  2. Our #1 goal is to get you more new patients. Everything we do is focused on that too. It does you no good to get on the top of google, only to have a website that drives people away. Take a look at the “FREE” stuff we offer on our website. It is there to help you, no strings attached and its stuff that works. What we offer to you “FREE” is the same info we used to grow a very large chiropractic office.
  3. You will habe an easy and a “Turn Key” experience when working with Inception Marketing. One of the main problems we had in dealing with chiropractic website companies was how difficult it was to work with them. Not only did they not have a good background in chiropractic, but every time we called it seemed like we were talking to some new. We give all of our clients a contact person to work with. The great thing about a “contact person” is no matter what you want to change or what question you have, you are dealing with the same person. The other benefit is, we get to know our clients better, and the better we know you the better we can work for you.

These are just a few of the factors that separate Inception Marketing from other chiropractic website companies. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these and other features about our company with you. Give us a call today!

By Mike Hamilton