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Family Chiropractic Wellness Website Review

Family Chiropractic Wellness

Websites, marketing and the chiropractic profession have evolved over the years but if there’s one thing that will never change it is the fact that parents are cautious of who they trust to care for their children. This is why if you are a family / pediatric focused chiropractor, you need to put your best foot forward. Not only do you face the challenge every chiropractor faces in earning a patient’s trust, you must earn their trust that you can care for their children as well. Lucky for you, Inception has been crafting pediatric focused chiropractic websites for years, and Family Chiropractic Wellness can show you a little preview of what will work in 2019.

Overview of the Design

As with any of our designs, they shine brightest when we can work with the doctor on obtaining high-quality, professional photos of themselves. With just a simple photograph with proper lighting and positioning, Dr. Coppin and Dr. Good immediately disarm the viewer and invite them to consider their practice for care. In just a few seconds, they ensures there’s no reason for a prospective family to be intimidated about reaching out to them for care. It’s hard to overstate just how powerful that connection made in those first few seconds is to prospective patients.

Use of Colors

Apart from the clear call to action and color of the menu, there are only shades of grey and white built into the top area of the design. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that would call this website dull. When provided with quality doctor photos, it’s important to let the doctor take the limelight. In this case, Drs. Coppin and Good run with it! Their photos provide a pop of bright, cheerful colors that is really a joy to look at. Throughout the rest of the website, there are splashes of color that give the really tie it all together to give it a genuine family-feel.

Analysis of Design Elements

Contrary to all the smoke and mirrors that is prevalent now that website developers have access to a wider range of tools, a great website doesn’t have to be overly complex to accomplish its job. Potential patients aren’t going to your website to be dazzled by the latest gizmos that you can rig websites up with. What potential patients want is to easily be able to evaluate if this chiropractor is someone they can trust for care. This website accomplishes that in spades with colors that pop and eye-catching taglines that leads families to the information they need to make a decision.

Marketing Aspect

Ease of use is important when it comes to designing the best chiropractic website. Family Wellness Chiropractic accomplishes this easily with a clear call to action nested in a circle that catches your attention immediately after familiarizing yourself with the doctors.

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