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Interactive Health Website Review

Interactive Health

The team at Interactive Health in Anchorage, AK did a fantastic job of sending us the type of pictures that work very well. As a result, this website should continue to provide their practice with a steady stream of new patients month after month in 2019.

Overview of the Design

Here at Inception, we always suggest that clients show their photographer our best example chiropractic websites so that they know what type of pictures will work best. Dr. Hopkins followed this advice and the photographer knocked it out of the park. The homepage and menus are easy to navigate, there is a clear call to action and you can easily access a stream of their reviews. Even better, all of this is available above the fold. In other words, a potential patient doesn’t even need to scroll down the page to access all the most important information. Talk about user friendly!

Use of Colors

The menu colors blend well with the earth tones present in their team photo. This really allows the New Patient Special button to easily stand out, which is exactly what we want someone’s eye drawn to when they visit this site. These colors are carried over onto all of the internal service pages, as well, to give a feeling of continuity within the website.

Analysis of Design Elements

The layout of this design allows for all the most important elements to be seen immediately. Providing this information without making someone work for it greatly lowers the odds of them bouncing back to their search results and choosing another chiropractor. As soon as they get the feeling that they can “Know, Like and Trust” the team at Interactive Health they know exactly what they need to do to contact them.

Marketing Aspect

Aside from a great picture, the call to action is the most important part of the homepage. This can come in many different forms. The team at Interactive Health uses the “New Patient Special” which is the most common. From there, the page that they are taken to can display any type of offer that the office chooses. That part isn’t really that important. The goal is to lead them in the right direction and closer to filling out their information to send to the office.

Image the Website Reflects

This website has a very calm and caring vibe to it. Group pictures typically send the message that there is a team or family feel at the office. The local backdrop that they chose with the trees and mountains gives a very natural feel to the site, as well. Someone looking at their website may not realize it, but none of this is done by accident. Job well done Interactive Health!

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