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Midtown Chiropractic Website Review

Midtown Chiropractic

Midtown Chiropractic in Memphis, TN has been one of our best performing chiropractic websites for a long time. The idea of this site is pretty simple. There is a very nice, high quality doctor picture right at the top of the page, and there is a clear and effective call to action. If you were a new patient, and you landed on this site, you see exactly what you are looking for.

Overview of the Design

The design for this site is also simple. What really makes this chiropractic website design effective is the picture. Think about it this way, if you were choosing a new dentist for your family, would you choose the site that had a doctor with a lab coat on it? Or, would you choose the website with a friendly, approachable picture of the doctor? If you’re like most people, you would choose option 2. The same thing applies for chiropractic offices, and that is what Midtown Chiropractic’s site does very well.

Use of Colors

When designing a website, colors can be a key element. Colors can allow you to make certain things stand out versus others. But, color can also ruin the design of a website. On Midtown Chiropractic’s website, the colors are subtle. The brightest blue is in the color of the doctors shirt. This allows the doctor’s picture to stand out. Knowing that a new patient is looking for the doctor picture first, this aspect works very well.

Analysis of Design Elements

What I really like about this website design is the 3 boxes next to the doctors picture. New patient special, meet the team, and testimonials. Those are really the only three pages that someone is going to click through on the website. Someone will go to the New patient special to sign up or contact you. They will go to the meet the team page to learn about the doctor and staff. Lastly, they will go to the testimonials page for social proof. This website does a great job of presenting the information that a new patient is looking for.

Marketing Aspect

The biggest marketing aspect of this website is the new patient special. Also, having a professional doctor picture plays a huge role. Both of these allow Midtown Chiropractic to stand out against other offices in the city. Memphis is a large city, there are quite a few chiropractors to choose from, so having a nice picture, and a new patient special makes their office’s website memorable.

Image the Website Reflects

After visiting Midtown Chiropractic’s website, a new patient will get the idea that this office is friendly and approachable. It would be an office that a mother would feel comfortable taking her whole family to. This works very well for Dr. Carr, because she does a lot of pediatric care, and pre-natal care.

Also, this website gives the image of trust. There is a trusted-reviewed chiropractor badge on the site, that brings you right to a stream of their Google reviews. This allows a new patient to get social proof of the office, without having to leave the site. The website design of Midtown Chiropractic is one of my favorites, and it will continue to be for a long time.

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