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Quigley Chiropractic Website Review

Quigley Chiropractic

With websites over the years becoming jam packed with widgets, pop-ups, and flashy colors, it becomes easy to think you’re involved in an arms race when choosing a website design in 2019. However, the phrase “less is more” rings true in a number of ways when looking at Quigley Chiropractic’s website. There is a clear focus when landing on this page and that is to familiarize yourself with the doctor and give you multiple options to get in touch.  These factors make this one of the best chiropractic websites in 2019.

Overview of the Design

Every design we build here at Inception is crafted with the intention of receiving quality, professional photos from the doctor. Dr. Quigley made an investment in hiring a photographer that will pay for itself over and over throughout 2019 because the colors and feel of this single photo provide an immediate sense of familiarity and trust when you land on the page.

Use of Colors

This design exemplifies the extent to how vital a high-quality photo can be to a chiropractic website. If you were to look at this design at face value without a slider, you might think it to be drab. After all, the only color that would catch your eye among the black and white, would be the yellow call to action. However, a great photo lets the doctor take center-stage on the website with everything else acting as a means support. It’s simple, you don’t evaluate a piece of art by looking at the frame.

Analysis of Design Elements

In evaluating the frame itself, it does its job perfectly. As soon as you are finished appreciating the feel-good photo of the doctor and his family, you build a sense of trust that this doctor perhaps could help you, “Get Your Lifestyle Back.” From there, you have everything at your fingertips in determining if this doctor would be right for you. Without so much as having to touch your mouse to scroll around, you have the option of reading more about the doctor, his services, seeing his contact information, or scheduling an appointment.

Marketing Aspect

Just about the only thing as important as a great doctor photo is an easily visible call to action. This website hits that checkbox out of the ballpark as soon as you land on the homepage. Not only do you have a readily available phone number if you want to call the clinic right then and there, but you also have the option of scheduling an appointment by clicking on the slider area and even checking out the special offer by clicking on the attractive orange call to action. Dr. Quigley can rest assured knowing that if a patient landing on his website is interested in contacting the office, there will be no shortage of ways of making that possible.

Image the Website Reflects

A flashy design shouldn’t be the the first thing a potential new patient notices, it should be the inviting feel the office presents. Dr. Quigley executes that to a tee by warmly introducing you to meet his family when landing on his website, which is why he can expect continued success in 2019.

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