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ReConnect Chiropractic Wellness Website Review

ReConnect Chiropractic

What makes ReConnect Chiropractic one of the best chiropractic website designs is that it shows off their services quickly. If your office wants your services to stand out, I would recommend choosing this design. But remember, a patient is looking primarily for a doctor picture and a call to action when they land on the website.

Overview of the Design

A few things that stand out right away on this design are the video background, the new patient special and the services. One of the most popular trends with websites these days is having a video background. In this case, ReConnect Chiropractic has an awesome video of a guy running through a stream. This portrays a wellness feel for the site and catches the eye of a user.

The best part about this design is that it displays all the services, but it still is clean and allows the new patient special to stand out. All of this information is displayed above the fold, which means the patient does not need to scroll down to see it. There are very few chiropractic websites that are able to accomplish this without cluttering the site.

Use of Colors

ReConnect Chiropractic has a modern logo with great colors, that allows the site to blend together well. The New Patient Special stands out on the video background, because the color is orange, so it contrasts. This orange is actually the same orange from their logo which causes the site to have a streamline and uniform feel, while still allowing the New Patient Special to stand out.

Analysis of Design Elements

The layout of this site strays a little bit away from what we typically see to work online for chiropractors, but for ReConnect Chiropractic, it works well. One of their main focuses on the site was displaying all their services and the symptoms that they help. This is accomplished with the boxes under the New Patient Special. These boxes look very sleek and professional, which was another one of the goals for ReConnect Chiropractic.

Marketing Aspect

Although showcasing their services was an important factor for this office, they still had the same goal that every chiropractic office does online. Getting more new patients. To do this, they must present the information that works well on a conversion optimized website: the doctor picture and a clear call to action.

With the call to action standing out as well as it does on this site, ReConnect Chiropractic is able to achieve both of their goals with their website design.

Image the Website Reflects

To a potential new patient, this website shows an image of intelligence, wellness and caring. My favorite part of this site is the video background, because it catches the eye and it is something different. There are not many chiropractic websites that have this.

ReConnect Chiropractic’s site does a great job of balancing their services and what a patient is looking for. And, they are also staying unique.

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