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Three Notch Chiropractic Website Review

Three Notch Chiropractic

We are always working hard to stay on top of the current trends and what the best chiropractic website designs look like. Three Notch Chiropractic’s website is one of our newer designs, and it allows for a ton of customization for the office while staying patient friendly.

Overview of the Design

When looking at the analytics of what patients do when they land on a website, we see the same thing for almost every site that we work with. The patient spends about 5-10 seconds on the homepage, and then 5-10 seconds on the about us page. After that they either choose your office, or they go back to google and choose the next site on the list.

This website design gives the patient all the information that they are looking for, without overwhelming them. It displays the 3 boxes right at the top, above the fold. The first one being ‘Meet The Team’ aka the about us page. Very easy for a new patient to find this. The second one is ‘New Patient Special,’ this will tell them how to contact you. Lastly, there is a ‘Testimonials’ box. This gives the office the social proof that you need when a new patient is comparing an office to competitors.

Use of Colors

In this design the colors were based off the office’s logo. Highlighting the green against a dark background allows for excellent contrast. Anything in green or white will stand out. Also, the office chose to have their new patient paperwork up in the menu. This stands out with a bright red button. It is very easy to notice once a current patient lands on the site.

Analysis of Design Elements

Using the contrasting colors along with the 3 boxes on the homepage, this design works really well. It gives a new patient all of the information they would need to get started. Also, it allows the office to give enough information about them and what they do without overwhelming the user. For example, if I was a current patient of Three Notch Chiropractic, and I was looking for their upcoming events, all I would need to do is go to their homepage and click on the button.

Marketing Aspect

The most important thing on this website is the call to action. Three Notch Chiropractic is using a “New Patient Special,” this typically works well for most offices. The New Patient Special box is one of the main three on the top of the website. It stands out since it is a different color and draws a new patient to click on it. It helps with the conversion aspect of this design.

Image the Website Reflects

This website reflects an office image of caring, knowledgeable, and friendly. It gives a new patient all of the information they need to trust the office and get to know the doctor. This being an about us page, and a picture of the doctor. This website design is going to work very well for many offices in 2019.

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