Chiropractic Websites 101

I’ve been told that trying to figure out chiropractic websites, is like trying to juggle three rubik’s cubes while solving them at the same time. The internet can be a challenging place, but the basic principals are actually pretty simple.  I’ll do my best in this comprehensive article to explain chiropractic websites and internet marketing.

The Design of Your Chiropractic Website

The design of your chiropractic website is critical.  Understanding patient actions is a huge part of the process that most doctors forget about.  As chiropractors we are so concerned about telling patients about the services we offer that we forget to ask the question….Do they want to know about all the services?  In most cases patient are much more concerned about seeing your picture then they are about whatever services you might offer.

Education Focus or New Patient Focus?

When the first chiropractic websites were produced they were focused on patient education. As chiropractors we all thought that websites were going to be the next patient education tool, but we were wrong. Patients were bored to death, and almost none of them read the content.

Is Your Website Professional or In Your Face?

When the first new patient generating chiropractic websites came out they were very in your face. This obviously works, but is it the kind of impression that you want to leave on the people that know you in your community? Our team at Inception believes that you can get people to take action without making them feel like a child. Show them a professional website with a clear call to action, and you can accomplish the same goal.